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Affiliates and Brands We Carry

CEA Battery Zone carries and supplies a number of product brands and product lines.
Below you'll find most of the power materials and accessories suppliers we deal with regularly.
If you're an affiliate or supplier and your information is incorrect or out of date,
please contact us and we'll update the information promptly.

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Battery Zone has been providing custom power solutions and enclosures to Canadian Industry for over 25 years; We are focused on providing high tolerance power systems and supplies for all types of applications. In addition we also carry a full line of VRLA, SLA, Lead Acid, NiCd, and NiMh batteries from manufacturers such as Advantage Battery, Alpha Technologies, C&D Dynasty, C&D Liberty, Eagle Picher, Energizer, Enersys, GP Battery, Northstar, Odyssey, Pelican Products Inc., and SAFT Battery.

Currently we are working to expand our network of resellers within Canada. We are focused on providing our clients with the best product, price, and expertise to help expand their buinsesses.

Whatever your needs, CEA Battery Zone's facilities and warehouses in Ontario and Alberta can provide distribution resource and supply chain management. Our advanced Enterprise Resource Planning systems and extensive warehousing capabilities allow projects of any size to be delivered directly into the field so your project, be it big or small, can maintain top efficiency.

Let our quarter century's worth of knowledge work for you!


The following is a list of our major suppliers:



Alpha Techologies

Product Type: UPS Power Systems
Website: www.alpha.com

C&D Dynasty

Product Type: UPS Batteries, VRLA
Website: www.cdtechno.com

C&D Liberty

Product Type: VRLA
Website: www.cdpowercom.com

Eagle Picher

Product Type: VRLA, Lithium
Website: www.eaglepicher.com


Product Type: Alkaline, Lithium, and Silver Oxide.
Website: www.energizercanada.ca


Product Type: VRLA, Pure Lead SLA
Website: www.enersysinc.com

GP Battery

Product Type: Alkaline, NiCd, NiMh, and Silver Oxide


Product Type: UPS Batteries, VRLA
Website: www.northstarbattery.com


Product Type: Chargers, Pure Lead VRLA Automotive and Powersports Batteries
Website: www.odysseyfactory.com

Pelican Products Inc.

Product Type: Protector Cases and Flashlights

Trojan Batteries

Product Type: Deep Cycle Lead Acid Website: www.trojan-battery.com